Never Ever 3 Certification

Date: 08/12/2015

The first shipment of “Never Ever” certified beef towards the United States is expected to take place in approximately one month.

Compliance with the Never Ever 3 protocol will allow this certification that is part of the Certified Natural Meat Program of Uruguay (CNMPU) to guarantee that animals whose beef will end up in the American market with the Never Ever label never received antibiotics, or hormones or proteins of animal origin.

This voluntary certification applies to farms and processing plants.

This action will give place to a new opportunity for Uruguayan meats and implies an assurance in market access policies, which are being driven by several governmental institutions of Uruguay.

All the information required for certification programs is available at the website of the National Meat Institute (

At a press conference held in the Ministry of Livestock, the Minister Tabaré Aguerre and the Chairman of INAC Federico Stanham launched this new certification.

The Minister of Livestock stated that this project intends to build opportunities for companies to have more options available, by creating market niches to which many countries cannot offer what they produce.

The chairman of INAC announced that Uruguay is the first country in the world to achieve this kind of certification for farms, processing plants, and products.