International Meat Secretariat WMC sold out!

International Meat Secretariat WMC sold out!
Date: 11/23/2016

The 2016 WMC was a great success, with more than 700 participants from 36 countries.

WMC discussed opportunities in diverse areas in the following issues: the Global Trends, Trade and Policies, Animal Care and Health, Consumer Trust, Sustainability, Human Health and Nutrition and Governance

This outstanding event which is carried out every two years, held its 21st. edition in Uruguay, with the development of a global agenda for the beef, lamb and pork sectors.

The key conclusion of the Congress is that the planet needs meat and values meat; to have balanced nutrition, to protect the environment, to preserve food security and to reduce poverty.

This was demonstrated from the different points of view of the presentations at the Congress. A “melody with many voices” was created with a global vision, committed to the future of the planet, taking into account the diversity of countries and production systems.

The day before the Congress began, a new Executive Board was appointed. Guillaume Roue from France was reelected as President, and Li Shuilong from China was reelected as Vice President. For the first time a representative from Uruguay, Fernando Gil, General Manager of INAC was appointed Vice President.

We cordially invite you to the next WMC which will take place in Dallas, Texas, 30th., May – June 1st., 2018. Further details about the 2016 Congress can be found at